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Guinea Pig Coat with Cookie Monster and ElmoOut Of Stock Price: $12.50

Inspired by a dog coat and the pattern taken down in size....way down. Thanks for looking!! We create all of our own patterns and designs.

When I came up with the idea to dress my small animals my husband thought I had lost it for sure. Now, even Deron has to admit, the little guys really are cute dressed in their little outfits and costumes.

These little coats are made in a variety of ways. This one is a Cute little Blue Polar Fleece with an overlay of Christmas Print! I wish the photos showed the outfits better then they do. Your GP could wear this any day of the year, but boy, oh boy, would this be cute for Christmas time.

Please measure your animal before ordering these items. Each item may be of a little different size as they are all hand made, and every animal is built a bit different. I try to change sizes a bit so that every small animal can have a new outfit to show of in.

The small animal clothes are NOT returnable or refundable. If there is a flaw in the item I will replace it with another outfit... sometimes it may be a different color as I only have so much of one color fabric for these little outfits. (Too many people want to get the outfit take a photo, win the photo contest and then receive their money back on the outfit... I don't think so!!)

The waist measurement on the Coat waist is approx 11 3/4", it does have a bit of stretch in it, and the outfit is approx 8 1/2" from neck to tail.

These items are new and have never been worn by or tried on by any other animals.

You only pay shipping on the heaviest item per order, so please, keep shopping.
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This smaller item has a smaller shipping charge of $1.95 to the USA when shipped with similar items. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

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